Concihairge currently has hair stylists positions available…but not for just any stylists. Are you a talented hair stylist with an entrepreneurial spirit and social media savviness? Do you have keen organizational, time management and sales skills? Are you a trustworthy self-starter AND team player? If so, then you might be a good fit for Concihairge™, a unique hair salon that has created a new standard in customer service with its modern salon concept. We are looking for experienced, licensed hair stylists to take their talents into their clients’ homes to provide high quality and professional hair services. If you are ready for a new kind of salon environment that offers you a better work-life balance and greater financial reward then please read further…

So what is Concihairge?

Concihairge is a licensed hair salon that provides the full complement of salon-quality hair styling services to clients in their homes. You have probably heard of some stylists who do in-home services on the down low – this isn’t that type of salon. We are on the up-and-up, running a licensed and insured business with salon and business licenses in multiple states. Founder and CEO, Stephanie Cleck, started as a small, one-woman operation in Northern Virginia and has built Concihairge into a very successful modern salon concept providing services in the Philadelphia and northern Virginia areas with new markets coming soon.

What could I expect as a Concihairge Regional Stylist?

  • Pay: Unless you’re super wealthy and just enjoy doing hair as a hobby then your first question is probably “How much am I going to make?” Concihairge™ is proud to offer commission rates that are 10-14% higher than the national average for salon employees. Concihairge™ pays an incentive-driven commission rate based on a simple concept: The more you make, the more you take!
  • Hours: In addition to a great pay structure, Concihairge is proud to offer our Regional Stylists an opportunity to improve their work-life balance compared to what they’ve probably experienced in a traditional salon. Because Concihairge Regional Stylists set their own appointments, your schedule is as busy as you want it to be. You read that right…no minimum hours, no waiting for walk-in’s, and no downtime between appointments.
  • Intimate Company Support: As a Concihairge Regional Stylist, you get the independence you’ve wanted, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own – the Concihairge management team is working with you (and behind the scenes!) to help build your clientele, help you manage your immediate and long-term goals, ensure you are protected by our licenses and insurance policies, and serve as a support structure to help you market, advertise, and grow.

Does that sound enticing yet intimidating? Probably a little of both. But did it light a spark in you to harness your natural sales skills and take charge of your own schedule and pay? If so then keep going…

So who makes an ideal Concihairge Regional Stylist? You do if your personality, skills, experience, and work ethic look anything like this…

  • You’re committed to honesty, loyalty, and taking ownership of what you say and do. It matters to you that you can look yourself in the mirror each day and know that you represent the best in integrity and pride in your work.
  • You can work independently and you figure things out on your own. You have a no-excuses, get it done attitude.
  • You don’t take yourself (or anything really) too seriously. And because of this, you can roll with the punches, handle a little chaos and still maintain a positive attitude and outlook.
  • You’re a good listener who evokes a sense of confidence and trust! You’re going into the client’s house so TRUST is a MUST!
  • You’re a service-oriented person. You take pride in making people feel good through their hair and enjoy providing exceptional service.
  • You’re fast but thorough. You’re attention to detail is almost annoying even to yourself – i.e. you can’t walk away from an imperfect hair cut or color, you get upset with yourself when a mistake is the result of your own poor planning, etc.
  • You’re not only very familiar with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Instagram), but you recognize how social media can be used effectively to promote a business and also how misuse of it can have serious negative consequences for a person, business or concept.
  • You’re computer and smart phone savvy. You can navigate using a GPS, swipe a card through a credit card scanner on your phone, and do the basic functions that would be required for a semi-independent traveling hair stylist.
  • You’re driven to earn money. (This is far down the list because the first qualities are more important, but this is a business so it is still important!)
  • You talk and write gooder than most people. The error in this sentence is like nails on a chalkboard to you.

Sound like you? Good! Keep going…

We are currently focused on expanding in the Pennsylvania and Virginia markets, but we are in discussions with stylists in many other locations as well. We are currently in the process of examining the state cosmetology laws and regulations in other major markets.

Concihairge has a 5-part application process that includes:

  • An initial application,
  • Interview,
  • Background checks (driving, criminal history, online presence, references and credit worthiness),
  • Stylist skills assessment, and
  • “Core trait” assessment.

Holy moly, you guys are serious about your hiring! Yep. We believe that being a Concihairge Regional Stylist isn’t just a routine transfer to a new salon, but it represents a bigger career move for a stylist looking to take control of their career…you make the investment in your time and effort during the application process to show us why you’re a good fit for us and we make the investment in your long term professional success and personal happiness!

Wow, you’re still reading. Excellent! Ok, you’ve come this far – by now, you have an idea if Concihairge might be for you or not. If you want to take the first step in finding out then please keep going…

To begin your application process, please fill in the information below:

Regional Stylist Questionnaire