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Where is ConŸciŸhairŸge located?

Our company headquarters is located at 119 Gay St, Suite 104, West Chester, PA. However, we provide hair styling services in the convenience of our clients’ homes.

What area does ConŸciŸhairŸge provide service to?

Currently, we provide service to the western Philadelphia suburban area and the Alexandria/Arlington area of northern Virginia. If you’re within a convenient drive to any of these areas then we’re within a convenient drive to you! Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis to provide service outside of this general area.

What hair styling services can ConŸciŸhairŸge provide at my house?

Simple…if you get it done at a salon then we can provide it for you. In most cases, anyway. Our Regional Stylists have a collective total of more than 45 years experience in the hair styling industry and have trained at the most prestigious hair training venues in the country, including the Wella Academy in NYC, the Paul Mitchell School, the Aveda Institute, and the Goldwell US Educator Training Program!

How does this work? I mean, how do you bring “salon services” to my house?

Our Regional Stylists bring everything they need to give you a complete salon-quality service, including scissors, brushes, all products needed, towels, hair dryer, etc.

Some other in-home services allow me to schedule an appointment directly on their website or app…why can’t I do that here?

Good question. We have considered that option, however we pride ourselves on providing a tailored, personal experience for our clients and we do not limit our Regional Stylists to a specific amount of time with each client so that we can achieve a maximum number of appointments in a given day. Each client’s hair needs are different and each Regional Stylist knows how much time they need to dedicate to that client and to allow them to get between appointments (sometimes across town). We have  found that having each Regional Stylist work directly with their client to discuss their hair needs allows our stylists to better gauge how much time they need for each appointment. Ensuring each client feels pampered and totally satisfied with their hair service is our top priority…even if it means that we can’t offer the convenience of scheduling an appointment online.

You keep mentioning “Regional Stylists”…who are these Regional Stylists?

To become a Concihairge hair stylist – called a “Regional Stylist” – we place our applicants through a rigorous 5-part screening process that includes a personality/customer-service test and hair styling skills assessment. Most importantly, Concihairge recognizes that allowing someone into your home is an intimate endeavor and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why we also run a comprehensive background check on each and every Regional Stylist, to include a criminal history check, credit check, driver’s license check, employment history check, and reference check.

What do I need to provide to get my hair done?

You only need a sink and running water, your Regional Stylist brings everything else! 

How long will this take?

On average about two hours for a typical color and cut service.  If you have very thick and/or long hair you should expect a bit longer. Other advanced or specialized services may take longer.

How can I pay for my hair service?

Concihairge only accepts debit and major credit cards (M/C, Visa, Discover, and AMEX). Your Regional Stylist will process your payment right from her smartphone and you can receive a receipt instantly by email. Please note that our credit card payment system accepts tips, however we prefer that any tips for our Regional Stylists be provided in cash, if possible.

Does ConŸciŸhairŸge provide any other salon services?

ConŸciŸhairŸge currently only provides hair styling services (including coloring, cutting, advanced coloring/painting techniques, up-do’s, etc). Our Regional Stylists bring a wealth of other certifications and qualifications, such as esthetician licenses and make-up application expertise, and we are exploring opportunities to provide these services in the future.

I’ve never heard of in-home hair services…is this business even legit?

Yes, both Pennsylvania and Virgina cosmetology laws allow cosmetologists to provide services to clients in their residences. ConŸciŸhairŸge is a licensed and insured Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company. ConŸciŸhairŸge holds salon licenses in both PA and VA and our Regional Stylists hold cosmetologist licenses from the State Boards of Cosmetology in the states in which they provide services.

What is the the meaning of life?

This is indeed a Frequently Asked Question. But people don’t usually come looking for the answer at a hair salon website so, admittedly, we’re ill-prepared to answer that. But we can tell you that a fresh hair cut and style may help you find your answer!