Regional Stylists

Each and every Concihairge hair stylist – called a “Regional Stylist” – was initially recruited for their exceptional hair styling skills, but they were ultimately hired for their ability to bring more than just skills with scissors and a brush. Rather, Concihairge recognizes that allowing someone into your home is an intimate endeavor and, if we are to earn your business and your trust with your hair in your home, our Regional Stylists must be more than good stylists – they must be respectful of your time, your house, your family, and your environment. We don’t take that responsibility lightly and that’s why we screen our applicants through a series of assessments to gauge not only their hair stylist skills, but also their interpersonal traits, listening and conversational skills, comfort with kids, safety awareness, and respect for our clients. In addition, we run a comprehensive background check on each and every Regional Stylist, to include criminal history check, credit check, driver’s license check, employment history check, and reference check.

Steph, Cate, and Ashley