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Concihairge offers

Custom Hair Extensions

in your home!

Custom Hair Extensions in your home with Concihairge

Concihairge sets the bar for custom hair extensions and a personalized client experience.

Initial Consultation

Our extension specialist dedicates 15 to 30 minutes to thoroughly understand your hair goals. From color-matching to precise measurements, we ensure every detail is tailored to your needs. Discuss your desired look, and within hours, receive a custom plan and a detailed quote crafted exclusively for you.

Our Custom Extensions Are:

  • Humanely and Ethically Collected
  • Silicone Free
  • Installed with Zero Adhesive


An installation appointment typically starts at $700, varying based on your hair goals. Prices range between $700 and $2200, determined by the length and hair thickness desired. Our installation package includes:

  • Hair that is ethically and humanely sourced and of premium quality.
  • Customized installation based on your unique hair plan.
  • Gloss treatment for natural hair to seamlessly blend with extensions.
  • Haircut and styling to harmonize extensions with your natural hair.
  • Hair care products for ongoing maintenance and protection of your investment.

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