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Stephanie Cleck

Stephanie and Jonathan Cleck family photo on the lawn

The idea for Concihairge was born in 2008 after founder and hair stylist Stephanie Cleck had given birth to her first child. Though Stephanie had been working in the salon industry for over a decade, she recognized that the industry was fraught with challenges. However, it wasn’t until her daughter was born that she realized firsthand how difficult it was for many women to get to the salon once they had children. Simultaneously, as a stylist, Stephanie also saw that the industry can be unforgiving for stylists who want to balance a career while striking the delicate balance of motherhood.

As a stylist and a busy mom, Stephanie recognized that a new way of achieving salon-quality hair was needed. Speaking with some other “new mom” friends, Steph quickly confirmed that what busy women really need is the ability to achieve great hair from the comfort of their homes. No babysitter. No sitting in a salon during the evening or weekend hours. No sitting in traffic or finding parking. Just time saved and luxurious hair achieved.

Stephanie Cleck - Founder of Concihairge

Armed with that knowledge, Steph set out on a new journey that would dramatically alter her previous vision of being a career hairstylist. That journey would create more than 15 jobs under Concihairge and deliver more than 50,000 hair appointments to busy hair clients in Northern Virginia and the Philadelphia region. With the growth of the company and the greater demands of leading the team of incredible stylists at Concihairge, Stephanie has since stopped doing hair. She now commits herself to ensuring that the Concihairge clients have an exceptional experience while the Concihairge stylists have the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Stephanie initially entered the salon industry with a passion for helping women feel like their best selves by amplifying their gorgeous hair. She still has the same passion for helping women feel beautiful while discovering a new passion for creating a better career opportunity for stylists.

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